Front Runners, LLC

Success and tenacity go hand in hand.



cropped-kelly-recital-2010-b.jpgDave Cunningham, founder and CEO, has distinguished himself as a reliable professional who understands the strategy and tactics involved in marketing and selling across industries in large, medium sized, and small businesses.

Front Runners, LLC was founded in 1999 as a provider of sales and sales training services. Since then, we have worked with the following businesses:

  • BDCH, a health care distributor, to create a telephone sales program
  • WTTF, a technologies company, providing business analysis services
  • Ford, a major American auto company, to train line supervisors in the art of collaboration
  • The Better Business Bureau to increase membership revenue
  • Radiant Event Technology, an experiential marketing technologies provider
  • ORALSCAN3D Imaging center
  • Manoogian Manor, an assisted living facility, to provide marketing services
  • MarketCulture Strategies, a corporate benchmarking company selling to corporate CEO’s
  • Bikram Yoga of Plymouth, MI, as marketing consultant
  • Julie S. Ong, author, macrobiotic counselor and chef, as marketing consultant

These experiences have strengthened our diverse capabilities as an integral partner.  We make significant contributions to our clients, helping them increase revenue while limiting costs.

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