Front Runners, LLC

Success and tenacity go hand in hand.



Marketing is not complex. It is straightforward common sense.

Front Runners, LLC Marketing helps you

  • Identify your market
  • Find your target customer
  • Know your competition
  • Build and maintain your network

“Dave has generated over $250,000 in new business in just the last eight months.  He brings an understanding and strong work ethic to my marketing and sales department.”

Bob Schinker, President
Radiant Event Technology


Front Runners, LLC Sales provides professional, tested sales techniques and strategies. We can help you

  • Reach out to your customer
  • Identify decision makers
  • Tell your story in “sound bites”
  • Gain new customers
  • Maintain your customer base
  • Use your network

“When we decided to launch our new product and needed sales resources, Dave Cunningham of Front Runners, LLC was the first name that came to my mind.”

Sean Gallagher, Executive Vice President
MarketCulture Strategies


A successful business has income and expenses. What’s left over is your profit.

Front Runners, LLC Accounting helps you

  • Manage cash flow
  • Maintain and increase revenue
  • Control your expenses
  • Keep clean, understandable records
  • Balance the books

“I appreciate Dave’s attention to detail and marketing expertise. His input has accelerated the success of my business. I recommend him to anyone who would like to increase sales.”

Julie S. Ong
Author, The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics

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