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Dave Cunningham / October 7, 2008


Like the ads for Light Beer, the political arena, these days, is notably “less filling” with “great taste.”  That is, of course, if your tastes run to the dramatic, nonsensical or completely irrelevant.  In terms of substance, the candidates are currently vying for the role of who can make the other look worse instead of presenting sound ideas to solve our two key problems of war and the economy. 


In just the last few days, Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of hobnobbing with domestic terrorists.   Once the facts were known, it was clear that the Obama/Ayres relationship was passing at best.   Since Obama was only eight years old when Ayres was threatening the U. S. with bombing(s), it is difficult to believe that he was involved.


Wasting no time in lowering the bar, the Obama campaign released a documentary detailing the McCain/Keating sales and loan scandal which is now ancient history to most Americans.  In truth, McCain was cleared of wrongdoing and has acknowledged his mistake.


The two campaigns are now searching for new directions for their messages.  Maybe they should turn to TV commercials for guidance.  What if political campaigns were styled around beer commercials?  We could call the 2008 presidential contest, “Everything you always wanted in a campaign. And less.”  Or, considering their high opinions of themselves, the candidates could bill themselves as, “The Genuine Article.”  To bolster their images, perhaps one could claim to be “the King of Candidates” or could claim that “Where there’s life, there’s (insert name).”


After all, what is a beer, but a refreshing cold drink that brings people together and lightens the load at the end of a long day?   Both Obama and McCain claim they will do just that, bring people together and lighten life’s load with healthcare for all, economic prosperity, and safety from terrorists.  Maybe we’d all be better off if we heed the advice of Busch Beer and “Head for the mountains.”


While on the subject, it seems like other industries can also contribute to the festivity of the campaign season.  Volkswagen’s “Think Small” is a great possibility for both candidates, considering the depths of what currently passes for political dialog.  BMW touts “Beyond rational” as a perfect catchphrase for the alleged scandals in the news.  Ford used to voice “A better idea.”  This would prove inspiring. 


How about the candidates’ desire to be all things to all the people?  The fast food industry gives us “Have it your way.” 


Levi Jeans promises “A style for every story.”  Enough said?


Finally, a dose of reality comes to us from the banking industry with “What’s in your wallet?”   This is chilling, given that we appear to be mortgaging our future as well as that of our progeny to feed some insatiably, hungry fat cats.


One of the beautiful things about Americans is that regardless of the circumstances, good times or bad; in elation or tragedy; in victory or defeat, we always find a way to laugh.  But for now, I’m not laughing.  Perhaps Politics Light in this campaign is best described as “unfulfilling” and in “poor taste.”  I hope it gets better soon.


One comment on “POLITICS LIGHT

  1. Kathleen Samulski
    October 7, 2008

    Very interesting and entertaining…and true!

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