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Dave Cunningham / November 10, 2008


How about Al Gore for Secretary of Energy?  No.  He won’t take it.  It would be a step down for him.  He was the vice-president.  How could he accept the seeming demotion? 


 Would he be a great choice, possibly the best choice, for the job?  Yes, no doubt! He has more credibility around the world than anyone.  Imagine this: Gore speaks out on global warming and the need to develop alternative energy resources, standing side-by-side with our internationally lauded leader, President Obama.  What world leader would not listen?  How much credibility would this bring to the cause, the message, the urgency?  But, as I said, he won’t take it.  It would be a step down.  He was the vice-president.  How could he accept a lesser role?


So, what would it take to make this happen?  After sitting at the table for four years as vice-president, a cabinet post might not be prestigious enough.  Although I don’t overlook Gore’s passion and commitment to the cause, let’s face it, he already has a worldwide audience equal to or of greater influence than he’d have as just another cabinet member.

Maybe the way forward would be to change the game!  President Obama could nominate a former Vice-President, United States Senator, Noble Peace Prize and Academy Award winning, renowned world spokesman on global warming and the environment to head up a new government agency with national authority, similar in power and scope to Homeland Security.  It could be called the U.S Environmental Safety and Renewal Agency. 

 Obama could grant unprecedented authority and influence over the new organization, which would combine the current Department of Energy and a newly created Department of Renewable Energy Development, a Department of Energy Infrastructure Development, and a U.S. Carbon Bank, the latter of which would oversee and control carbon vouchers for American industry.


To maintain his stature as a world leader on the environment, Gore could be appointed the first United States Ambassador for Environmental Safety and Renewal.  In this capacity, he would become the official voice of America on environmental issues, taking the lead for the U.S. at forums like the Kyoto treaty meetings in Copenhagen next year.


No one but Barack Obama could pull this off because he is not afraid of working with strong personalities.  The proof of this has been demonstrated in choosing Joseph Biden for his vice-president. He is a leader who welcomes and sees value in civil dissent and disagreement.  I think that Biden and Gore will be joined, shortly, by other strong, smart people on the Obama team.


The bottom line on the environment is that we in the U.S. have to do something sooner rather than later.  We need capable competent leadership and a strong voice to make it happen.  Gore can be that leader, that voice.  In addition, since environmental issues transcend or should transcend international politics, Al Gore is the one person who can work with world leaders to coalesce around sound realistic plans to preserve planet earth for all the worlds’ citizens.


I hope that this idea is already receiving serious consideration among the Obama transition team.



  1. kathleen
    November 12, 2008

    do u think gore could abandon his ideals to make compromised decisions which accomodate the corruption in politics?

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