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 Dave Cunningham / February 8, 2009

Say it ain’t so, Joe! Is this what they mean by bi-partisanship? Call me a purist, but when I see all the Democrats go one way and all the Republicans go the opposite way, it looks like bi-partisanship as usual. It is hard to believe that there isn’t at least one Democrat who agrees with Republicans or one Republican who agrees with the Democrats. Sure, it represents a certain kind of loyalty, but, loyalty to party, not loyalty to American citizens.

Too much of the public rhetoric is exaggerated by defining the Obama economic stimulus bill in extreme terms. Is it a spending bill? Is it a stimulus bill? Is it an economic recovery bill? Is it a tax cut? The answer to all – Yes! 40% of the bill is tax cuts and 60% is in spending. All of it is geared toward economic recovery. There is an emerging question about whether we need some kind of government intervention right now. Most agree that we do. Most also agree that whatever we do may work or may not work. So bring on the debate. Let’s talk about facts. That’s what a debate is all about. Once the debate is complete, though, let’s agree to get behind the best plan we can develop. An economic bill that is supported by all is more likely to work than one that is being sniped at by a minority party, in this case, the Republicans.

So, why? Why do the naysayers do it? I believe that it is a vote for failure. By taking the side of the defeated opposition, politicians take cover behind bi-partisan games. If they are proven wrong, no one will notice as they “spin” their way out. On the other hand, if their objections are vindicated by failure of a bill, if they are right, they can revert to the “ITYS” argument. The ITYS argument is “I told you so.” ITYS comes in handy when it’s time to campaign for re-election. Think about that, bipartisanship supports our economic failure.

There’s something very wrong with that as a strategy? It’s so much easier to take credit by spinning “I was wrong” into “I was almost right” therefore, “I must be right” than to have to stand on principle and risk having to admit to a mistake later on. The adage, “success has a thousand parents; failure is an orphan” comes to mind. By hiding behind bipartisanship, our elected representatives can always be the parents of success. Most Americans are responsible for their decisions and live with the consequences. They have a right to expect the same standard from the Congress and Senate.

Republicans and Democrats alike have pledged to work together on our behalf. While ITYS makes for fancy politics, it is not a responsible way to resolve the serious economic problems that face our country.



  1. jesuit realist
    March 9, 2009

    Gee, $13 a week is a great stimulus tax cut!

    What debate? They rammed that piece of shit through before anyone had a chance to read it. Transperancy? New Politics? No Pork?


    One Big Ass Mistake America!

  2. aprilhyde21639
    April 8, 2016

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